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Custom Applications Consulting

If you analyze any industry one of the key differences between the leader and laggards is how they manage their application strategy and portfolio. A company taking a technical approach to custom applications management does not derive much value from it.


Our applications strategy and portfolio management philosophy are different. We believe in application architectures targeted at both automation and innovation, infusing vertical and functional knowledge, choosing the right technology, experimenting, expanding, regularly streamlining the portfolio for lowering the cost and ease of management and leveraging outsourced skills for application management to have flexible cost structure. We can bring to you our experience in managing application portfolios worth several millions that are the
key source of differentiation to our clients.

1. Helping define the Right Applications Strategy & Architecture

We noticed They have several applications in their portfolio – for managing incentives, product specifications, cost management, contract management etc – which has become untenable over the years. The cost of managing them has ballooned beyond control, users continue to need them, making changes to them are difficult, those applications do not work with each other and does not make up any coherent architecture.

Our applications strategy and architecture provides for defining the right strategy, and architecture that is cost effective, scalable, flexible and easy to maintain and manage.

This service covers,

  • Understanding the business drivers
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Technology Selection and
  • Defining Business and Technical architecture

2. Project/Program Management services for Custom Development engagements

You have a great strategy, and partner for building that custom application which users are waiting to use. You know this development project is large and complex, and can seriously be delayed or scrapped if not managed well. An independent project management or assurance team could be a solution to make sure the large or business critical development project is not derailed.

Our Project Management experience is deep having involved in projects oversight, project direction, Program and Project management. Our template and best practices driven project management model de-risks large and medium custom development projects. Can you find a better partner for managing your application development engagement?

3. Rapid and reliable Custom Development

Some of the business critical capabilities are built through custom developed solutions. Most of these projects are delayed and do not deliver the benefits originally planned. Reasons being poor design, the teams have only technology capability, lack business understanding and standard development processes do not deliver on time. We approach development differently – we blend industry, functional and technical knowledge, have iterative development models to mitigate risks. Our custom development offerings are on Fusion, Java, .NET and Open Source platforms. Whether you are building a medium or large-scale custom solution, Dakshah brings you many unique advantages.

4. Robust and Stable Application Management services

Over a period of time you would have built various custom applications to support your business. Leading research indicates that companies spend close to 80% of their IT spending in maintaining their current systems. We offer a transformation centered application management service. It focuses on.

• Managing applications with proactive maintenance for high service levels
• Improving the productivity year over year
• Rationalizing the portfolio over a period of time to reduce cost
• Creating savings to shift your spending towards new IT initiatives

Our core team has experience managing large and complex application portfolio for our customers who are over $20bn in revenues. When you think about outsourcing application management services, Dakshah could be your first choice.