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Our Work Culture
Dakshah is created with a single focus – “to be among the best work places for consulting and continuous learning”.

We are a young organization, but with a clear vision and direction of what we have set out to achieve - we want to establish Dakshah to be among the most valued consulting companies in the segments we operate. Building a professional environment with a highly capable team and cultivating a set of values will help us realize this vision.

Our Values:

Expertise: High caliber consulting is all about using our unique expertise to solve customers’ business and ERP challenges. Our customers have a choice, and when they choose to work with us it is because of our “unparalleled expertise”. Everybody rolls up their sleeves and works in customer engagements to offer their expertise. Each Dakshan – from an associate to the director – has a chartered course for enhancing their knowledge continuously. In Dakshah all of us contribute towards building our collective expertise, so that our customers are really able to experience the expertise.

Passion: We are a young firm, with a lofty vision and lots of passion. We are passionate about consulting; we are passionate about our values; we are passionate about our vision. When you share our passion you would see the direction we are taking to achieve our vision. What matters in Dakshah is your passion, capability and the results you achieve.

Uncompromising Integrity & Open Culture: integrity is one of the key pillars to consulting and work life. Externally the status of a trusted partner with our customers will only be achieved with an uncompromising integrity. Internally we are building a professional environment, Open Culture and wealth sharing where associates enjoy what they do and can express themselves freely. Dakshah has a performance oriented culture, offers rapid growth and options to switch streams

Expertise, passion and uncompromising integrity combined together make us unique. We are building a team that lives by these values every day and promotes such an environment.

We are a business and IT consulting organization that focuses on Business Consulting, ERP and Applications consulting services. Dakshah is founded by a team of experts with divergent backgrounds and global consulting experience in various industries.

If this sounds interesting, what are you waiting for; write to us in confidence at We are an equal opportunity employer.