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End-to-End ERP

When mid-tier companies grow in scale and scope they realize the need to streamline, grow profitably and integrate their operations to enhance cross-functional visibility. A well-planned ERP implementation can help achieve all of these. But for a mid-tier company an ERP implementation means high investments, without being very sure of the outcome.

Backed by our extensive experience, we offer a variety of ERP services to help achieve quicker ROI and predictable solutions.

A. Helping define the Right ERP Strategy

Our ERP Strategy services help our clients identify the right strategy, product and partner.

These services cover,

  • Understanding the business drivers for ERP in your context
  • RFP and Business Case Preparation
  • Product Selection and
  • Partner Selection, in case of a different partner

B. Systems Integration and Project/Program Management services for smooth ERP engagements

You have spent months together to choose the right ERP product, you have chosen a partner with good product knowledge but your sleepless nights are still not gone. You want a team of senior consultants with the relevant ERP experience to guide you along with your implementation partner, so that everything goes smooth. Dakshah’s founding team has consulted and managed over 40 ERP implementations globally. Can you find a better partner for your ERP Systems Integration and Project Management?


Oracle E-Business Suite COE
Our consulting team has 10 years each on Oracle E-Business suite covering Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, CRM and Projects. They were among the first in India to start consulting on Oracle Applications. Backed by our un-paralleled experience, we offer end-to-end services on Oracle E-Business suite.

C. Business Focused and Risk-free Oracle E-Business suite Implementation
ERP implementations are essentially complex, and need experience in a variety of areas
  1. Strong Product knowledge - both functional and technical
  2. Functional expertise in the area of implementation say Finance, Distribution or Manufacturing
  3. Experience in your vertical - be it Telecom, Pharma or Engineering & Construction
  4. Capability to build solutions that deliver the right business value for your company
  5. Strong ERP Project Management experience
  6. ERP Change Management – aligning your people and processes with the best practices and changes the ERP implementation brings in

We notice that many ERP projects do not succeed because such expertise and experience is not available to them. Our core team has played the roles of Functional Architects, Project & Program Managers and Practice Managers with a leading Indian ERP Practice and Oracle Consulting. The team brings in tremendous experience in developing business solutions, and managing Oracle engagements successfully around the globe.

D. Rapid and reliable Oracle E-Business suite Rollouts

Multinational firms rollout their corporate ERP systems to standardize processes and applications across the regions of operation. Often these are of only limited success as there is insufficient rigour in the rollout. Or core team also has experience in global implementations and Rollouts in various capacities. We have learned from our experience how to balance between enterprise standardization and the need for flexibility at the local level. This experience is incorporated in our Global Template and Rollout methodologies.

E. High quality Customization and EAI services on Oracle E-Business Suite

No ERP product fits perfectly to any client’s requirement. Customizations are the way to build such client and industry specific requirements. There are multiple approaches to building custom solutions around ERP. While the customization delivers the necessary functionality, often they suffer from performance and usability issues. This is because the quality of design and development of customization varies significantly from the original product. Similar is the case with integration, where a poorly designed and built integration needs excessive manual intervention and high maintenance.

Dakshah’s team has in-depth product knowledge, expertise of designing and developing very complex customizations and integrations. With that experience we assure the best-in-class Customization and Integration solutions. Having worked with Oracle Consulting on various versions of the product, with a deep insight on the evolving architectures, our team can deliver high quality customizations and integrations inline with the best practices.

F. Smooth Upgrades and Migrations on Oracle E-Business suite

ERP products are hardly static, there are periodic point updates or major releases. These releases could be a rolled up bundle of fixes, or performance enhancements or architecture changes or new capabilities. Such upgrades need careful evaluation, user and IT team training if needed, consideration to the new infrastructure requirements, leveraging new functionalities but minimizing the business interruption.

Upgrade services need extensive technical and system management capabilities along with functional knowledge. Dakshah team has been involved in complex upgrade engagements, and they can help you with the smooth upgrade and migration of your Oracle E-business suite.

G. Robust and Stable Oracle E-Business suite Management services

Implementing Oracle E-business suite is only half of the story. Rapid return on your ERP investment would accrue only if users get sufficient support to make the most of the new system, and the implemented system is managed well. In the course of maintenance there are often minor and major enhancements. There are periods where priority support is needed. Some of the business processes depend heavily on the ERP and unavailability of the system could mean loss of revenue. Taking over the knowledge, managing the knowledge of the systems and processes and transferring it back to your team is not simple to establish. It needs experience in both the process and running ERP management services under SLAs.

Dakshah brings the expertise to provide the following ERP Management Services, with proven methodologies.

These services cover,

  • Level1 Helpdesk (Issue creation and tracking)
  • Level2 Helpdesk (Functional Helpdesk)
  • Level3 Helpdesk (Technical Helpdesk) and
  • Testing services (Manual / Automated testing including regression testing and cyclical testing)

The core team brings in experience of managing the support for highly complex and large Oracle EBS environments. Who else would you trust your Oracle E-Business system with?