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Engineering and Construction, the way we defined, covers Industrial Engineering and Construction companies, but view together because of many similarities.

The Industrial Engineering is large and diverse and their growth intricately linked to the industries they serve. The demand has been shifting from developed countries to the developing over the last decade. Their challenges and opportunities are similar: raising raw material and energy cost, markets increasingly becoming global, managing imports and exports and the related currency fluctuation challenges. We have seen acquisition and consolidation across this segment, and companies building up their scale. They are stepping out efforts to best leverage IT, Design and capability investments.

Construction and related industries provide for one-tenth of the world GDP, consuming close to 40% of energy, employing 7% of workforce. Highly fragmented, moving towards sustainable and exploring new models of partnerships and contract model. The industry still faces challenges in managing Projects and overall cost and integrating information and knowledge across.

We posses strong domain, ERP and application knowledge, and we believe we could be a good consulting partner for Industrial Engineering and Construction companies to support their need for subscriber base growth, new services introduction, consistent customer service and better management of resource. Call on our Telco practice to know more about how we can help you.

Engineering & Construction Offerings

  • ERP Implementation for Industrial Engineering companies covering Financials, Asset Management, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, Service, Projects, CRM and HCM,
  • ERP Implementation for Construction companies covering Financials, Procurement, Inventory, Asset Management, Projects, CRM and HCM
  • Various analytical solutions on project, workforce, procurement, manufacturing, costing & pricing etc
  • Custom developed solutions where companies do not like to implement ERP solutions

Our Consultants in Engineering and Construction

Our founding team is among the first in India in establishing ERP consulting for Global and Indian customers. The following experiences are part of their prior assignments with various firms.

  • Project Management and Solution Design in ERP Implementation for the subsidiary of a European Industrial Engineering company in India. The solution covered implementation of Manufacturing, Projects General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Purchasing, Inventory Management
  • As part of Dakshah, involved in Business Transformational consulting for a product development company which targets Construction and Infrastructure companies.