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Our observations highlight that some of the Medium scale companies have capability, vision and drive to be among the best in their industry. It is our strong belief that companies can grow in short term by being opportunistic. But such opportunistic growth cannot be sustained unless the companies develop themselves overall. The dynamics needed for these companies to sprout and grow until now is very different from the one needed to be among the best and be an enduring organization.

Many mid-tier companies attempt business transformation, but only a few succeed. Successful transformation, on closer looks would reveal, need broader and global expertise, strong organizational change management, deeper understanding of regional and global industry practices and an external counsel. Dakshah’s team brings to your organization all these capabilities in select verticals.


Our Business Consulting Philosophy

Our philosophy is different – we do not see business consulting as advising clients with narrow specialization but a holistic advice drawn from our capability and expertise across all functions. We believe for the medium scale businesses to transform they need a sound strategy and exemplary capability to execute consistently. Our consulting methodology and engagement model is built around our philosophy of overall development - not just short-term revenue or profit growth - and preparing for a changing and learning organization.

How can we help in your Business Transformation

Our consulting team has an average of 15 years of global experience in a variety of industries consulting. We will be an effective business transformation partner with our experience in Supply Chain, Customer Service, Customer Engagement, Product Development, Strategy & Leadership development, HR, Finance & Management accounting and Change Management. Our passion is to help companies improve their performance and our business consulting work is a clear testimonial to it.